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What Nobody Tells You About Growing Old


Growing old is not what everybody plans to be. But we’ll eventually get there someday and the least you can do is be positive about it.

St. Francis Home Care, a provider of Companion Care in Rancho Cucamonga, California, lists the good side of growing old, sides that are usually not mentioned…

  • You get to have more wisdom.

    When we were younger, we were always invested in the idea of always being right, or being the most beautiful, etc. But once we grow older, we do not care about any of those anymore.

    As one grows old and gets entangled in a heated argument, we do not judge who is right on the pitch or loudness of their voice. Instead, we learn to listen to both sides of the argument and make a conclusion.

  • You stop judging.

    Growing up, we were always taught to have more things in order to be happy. That is why when a friend gets higher scores or if a classmate gets a car for his 18th birthday, we immediately respond with hate, loathing, and jealousy.
    If one is already old, none of those things matter. We think that “stuff” becomes less important. That is why you now focus more on the things that matter most.

  • You are more confident.

    We know for certain that we are mature if we have been making right choices. As we go through our lives, we get to experience life events that give us lessons. And it is in these lessons we grow and improve.

    There may have been a lot of heartaches in the past. Not to mention the many mistakes we made. But we learned from them. That is why we are now better at making sound decisions.

  • You become best friends with your children.

    When our children were toddlers and teenagers, they were the biggest antagonists of our lives. But now, things have changed. You all go out for a good time. You call each other, telling how much you missed one another.

    Once our children grow older, our role in their lives change. When they return home, you feel that they are more your friends than your responsibility.

  • You can retire independently.

    Many older adults fear to grow older because they do not want to sacrifice their independence or be crippled with a disease or a certain health condition. But that is not the case.

    Providers of Personal Care in California continue to make the lives of our older adults more convenient and independent by helping them in their daily chores and living. Aside from that, you can get quality Health Care without leaving your house. You can enjoy all that and more if you partner with St. Francis Home Care regarding your care plan.

What is the best part of growing old? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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