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Staying Hydrated and Senior Care: 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Staying Hydrated and Senior Care 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Are you drinking enough amount of water every day? Water is a very important component of our body, comprising approximately 60% of our physical makeup. Being dehydrated therefore will bring about its dire consequences. The ideal recommendation of water intake for seniors is 8 glasses each day.

As providers of your Personal Care in California, we see to it that you will be in your tip-top shape even in the advancing years. Staying hydrated is one of the great ways to achieve this. To encourage you on staying hydrated, here are the prominent benefits of drinking water:

  1. Water improves your physical activity

    Even at a senior age, the active lifestyle is still very much encouraged. With a doctor’s approval, you can do a lot of activities that will be for your overall health. With these activities, your body also consumes water. The body sweats to cool itself down after a rigorous activity which can trigger the increase in body heat. The sweating is caused by water, and if you don’t drink enough, your activity can be limited due to fatigue, mental exhaustion, and even altered body temperature.

  2. Water improves brain function

    In the senior age, brain functionality is a great need. Many age-related factors can affect the brain’s ability to focus and perform. When you don’t drink enough water, your brain’s work can also be affected, resulting in fatigue, irritable mood, and frequent headaches.

  3. Water helps regulate bowel movement

    Seniors tend to experience constipation or even loose bowel movement. This is an age-related consequence to the body functionality. With sufficient water intake, however, a senior’s bowel movement is relaxed, reducing the chances of constipation. When you are frequently having constipation episodes, remember to drink water sufficiently.

  4. Water may help reduce kidney stones

    Kidney stones are the crystallized elements of the person’s urinary system that can be painful to excrete. According to this study, however, the higher the amount of water intake you have, the higher the volume of urine you release as well. While this observation still needs further studies for verification, there have been initial researches showing signs that water can help reduce the production of kidney stones.

  5. Water can help weight loss

    Going beyond the normal weight can be a trouble for seniors as they could be at risk for diabetes, heart ailments, and even of joint problems. However, by having a sufficient amount of water in the body, you can increase satiety, resulting in a bolstered metabolism. This metabolism is responsible for the proper and faster digestion of food, resulting in effective weight loss.

For your senior loved one who requires Companion Care in Rancho Cucamonga, California, our team at St. Francis Home Care is ready to assist. We help you see to it that your senior loved one is having sufficient food and water intake, along with other care needs, for their overall wellbeing.

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