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Medication Management: Benefits of Using Electronic Gadgets


Medication management is the system of ensuring that medications are being taken by the patient at the right time and with the right dosage. This system is particularly essential for seniors who might have difficulty remembering to take their pills or have plenty of medications to take in a day. The efficient management of medication administration can boost a senior person’s health as well as aid in their quick recovery.

One of the effective strategies to rightly remember the medications is the use of electronic gadgets, such as mobile phones. As a provider of Companion Care in Rancho Cucamonga, California, let us share with you these benefits in using electronic gadgets for medication management:

  • Timely
    Electronic gadgets follow the digital time format, which enables for time to be set at specific hours and minutes. Mobile phones can help you check the exact time that you need to take your pills.
  • Alarms
    Electronic devices can also be programmed to set off alarmed reminders when it’s time to take your pill. If you’re taking multiple medications, setting these alarms at designated times can make you remember that you need to take your medicines at this hour. Additionally, the alarms can alert you when you get too caught up with a chore.
  • Talking reminders
    Mobile phones can be used to download applications that can provide talking reminders. There are already plenty of available options for this kind of program online. The advantage of a talking reminder is that you can customize the message to something inspiring or cheerful so that medication intake will not be much of a burden.
  • Connection with family/friends
    Mobile phones can also connect you with family members. In this way, they can call you up to remind you of your medication. Whether you have asked them to call you or not, having someone to assure that you’re done taking the medicines is comforting enough.
  • Connection with a healthcare team
    Mobile phones can also be used to contact your health care team if you have sudden concerns about your medication. You can call your local pharmacy if your medication is already available or you can contact your physician to inquire about side effects you may be having.

Electronic gadgets are indeed a treat for today’s generation. These items make life easier, especially if you’re on multiple medications. If you don’t know how to make use of your mobile phone, you can ask for assistance from your family member or from a caregiver providing Personal Care in California. Take advantage of technology to boost your overall well-being.

At St. Francis Home Care, our reliable caregivers are able to supplement you with assistance so you can take medications on time and properly. Aside from medication assistance, our caregivers can also assist you in grocery shopping, light housekeeping, home management, and even personal and hygiene care. Set an appointment with us so we can talk about what type of service you need at home.

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