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Respite Services

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  • Temporary Relief – Respite caregivers provide temporary relief within the home to allow the parent(s) or primary caregiver(s) to leave the home for various personal reasons, to provide coverage during times when the primary caregiver cannot be with the client or just to have time to themselves. Social interaction – Respite caregivers provide social interaction with games, homework assist, reading and needed reminders, arts and crafts, and other customized games and activities. The client has one on one undivided attention.
  • Hygiene Care – Respite caregivers can assist with bathing, dressing, toileting, diaper changes, potty training, oral hygiene and meal preparation.
    Behavioral Activities – The St. Francis Home Care respite caregiver knows how to kindly direct and redirect behaviours as needed to ensure the emotional and physical safety of each client. Caregivers support socially acceptable behaviour as well as enforce rules set by parents.
  • Maintaining Routines – We know how important it is to maintain a routine for your loved one’s sense of safety and connection. Respite caregivers can assist with after school care and homework routine, chores and bedtime routine.
  • Specialized Care – Upon the request of the family, we can assist in providing care specialized or personalized to your loved. We realize that not all client’s needs and abilities are the same.
  • Sibling Care – St. Francis’ respite caregivers can provide assistance to the 1 or 2 siblings in the home while caring for the client. Consult your Team Leader on how to arrange sibling care in advance.

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