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Essentials to Comfortable Aging

With heavy transitions in life such as aging, we can’t disregard our need for a little help. For a more comfortable aging process, St. Francis Home Care, a provider of Companion Care in Rancho Cucamonga, California gives you 5 essentials that can make aging more comfortable. Read on. Planning Our level of comfort can be … Continue reading

5 Ways to Reduce the Awkwardness of Personal Care

It’s heartrending to see a parent struggle with the most basic self-care tasks. The most awkward situations can arise from having to help your mother use the toilet or scrubbing your dad’s back in the shower. While supporting your loved ones with their personal care tasks is admirable, it can also be incredibly difficult. St. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Homemaking Services

There is a wide range of different kinds of services that you can enjoy through our companion care in Rancho Cucamonga, California. However, one of the most beneficial services you can enjoy is homemaking. This is a service that is designed to help relieve the burden of household chores and day-to-day activities, so you will … Continue reading

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3 Home Companionship Solutions for Your Elderly Loved One

Social isolation can be a devastating experience for our elderly loved ones, and what’s worse is that it’s been proven to lead to a host of other challenges that may be too much for them to bear. While we do our best to offer our companionship, the fact remains that we also have our own … Continue reading

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Staying Hydrated and Senior Care: 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Are you drinking enough amount of water every day? Water is a very important component of our body, comprising approximately 60% of our physical makeup. Being dehydrated therefore will bring about its dire consequences. The ideal recommendation of water intake for seniors is 8 glasses each day. As providers of your Personal Care in California, … Continue reading

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5 Basic Reminders To Helping Your Aging Mom With Senior Skin Care

Skin care should still be a priority for senior individuals. They may need some help, but they still need to take care of their skin. If you wish to help your mom in caring for her skin, here are 5 basic reminders to take note of: Remind her about nutrition. The food that your mom … Continue reading

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