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5 Basic Reminders To Helping Your Aging Mom With Senior Skin Care


Skin care should still be a priority for senior individuals. They may need some help, but they still need to take care of their skin. If you wish to help your mom in caring for her skin, here are 5 basic reminders to take note of:

  1. Remind her about nutrition.
    The food that your mom is consuming every meal can affect her skin as well as her entire body. Good nutrition is essential in skin care. So, you have to see to it that your mom eats what is best for her. Talk to the doctor or a dietician about your mother’s nutritional needs. Nutrient-filled foods should be included in your mom’s daily or weekly groceries, whichever schedule she prefers. During meal preparation, you or a Health Care provider can give her assistance.
  2. Make sure she stays hydrated.
    Hydration is important for any individual. But, as we age, we often don’t recognize thirst as quickly as before. Many seniors go for hours without drinking water as they don’t feel thirsty, an effect of aging. It is up to you to remind your mom to drink a glass of water every hour or two. You can also serve her with fruit juice, soup or tea for her to try other flavors.
  3. Keep her protected from the sun.
    An aging skin is a sensitive skin. That is why it has to be protected from things that can damage it, especially from excessive rays of the sun. Your mom should have sun protection in the form of sunscreen lotion to be applied to the skin when going out during the day. If she has troubles applying the sunscreen, you or a provider of Personal Care in California can do so with her permission.
  4. Do not let her use harsh bath products.
    To ensure cleanliness and good health, one has to take a bath regularly. Older adults are no exception. But, you should still keep in mind how sensitive their skin is. So, make sure that your mom does not use harsh bath products. Choose those that are good for sensitive skin or those that are specifically formulated for older individuals.
  5. Keep her nails trimmed.
    Your mom’s nails must be trimmed. Not only can it prevent dirt from accumulating under the nails, but it also prevents her from accidentally scratching her skin or her eyes. If she can’t do so by herself, you or a professional rendering Companion Care in Rancho Cucamonga, California may do it.

We know how daily life changes in a person’s advanced age. St. Francis Home Care aims to do our best to render support in times when you need assistance. Talk to our staff today!

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